Symptom Diary version 2.0 sneak peek

The Symptom Diary version 2.0 is now under testing.  This version introduces many useful features as well as keeping the look and feel as simple and intuitive as possible.

Symptom Diary front page

This version adds the following new features,

– Update and delete existing diary entries;
– Record symptom intensity, medicines and comments for a diary entry;
– Added Australian medicines list;
– Manage the symptom list;
– Manage the medicines list; and
– Mark symptoms and medicines as favourites.

The follows items have been improved in this version,
– User interface is more intuitive and has improved look and feel;
– The chart may optionally display symptom intensity;
– Minor changes to the symptom list; and
– The feedback system now uses email.

This will give doctors and patients more specific information as well as allowing the recording of symptoms and medicines not already in the database.